Saturday, September 3, 2011

Make kites fit into small travel bags

Make kites fit into small travel bags: The X3 was especially designed for kitesurfing and snow kiting. It uses a vac adaptor that can be combined with your existing kite pump. Easily reduce the size of up to three kites to take on your travels without the need of a vacuum.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Snowkiting Harding Icefields

Snowkiting the Harding Icefield 2011 from Joseph Jenkins on Vimeo.
Check out more Here:Alaska_Kite_Adventures

New Kiteboarding Spot at the Polar Circle

Kite Surfing at the Polar Circle

PR Newswire
BERLIN and WALES, AlaskaAugust 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --
Entrepreneur Constantin Bisanz Breaks World Records at the Bering Strait
Constantin Bisanz, founder of the online community brands4friends, and his companions, the brothers Geza and Andre Scholtz, made history with a very special record. They were the first to cover the distance to the international dateline in the Arctic Ocean between Alaska and Russia by kite board. On the more than 70 km distance, the athletes reached a record speed of 40 km/h average - only driven by wind and body strength. A four-week adventure, taking two years of preparation, three attempts and the support of an eleven-member team, finally found a successful conclusion.
The exertions and deprivations were worth it for entrepreneur Bisanz: after the second try, when the kiters in a sudden storm had to cope with a broken kite and a spectacular rescue operation in the open sea, they could report a great success.
There was not much time left as the Bering Strait is only ice-free for a few weeks of the year. The ice cold water is only 2 degree Celsius even in summer. Fog, complicated currents, gusty winds of up to 80 km/h and five-metre high waves make kiting near the polar circle an extreme challenge. The constantly changing weather, which can turn into a storm from one moment to the next, as the adventurers had to experience, is life-threatening in these latitudes.
Happy about the positive outcome, the 38-year old Austrian Bisanz reports: "It was real fun to break barriers and overcome obstacles with such a great team - this goes for the Bering Sea as well as for the founding of companies".

wbpr GmbH
Anne-Katrin Steinke
Mobile: +49-176-12-99-12-46

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bill Parker crowned in the 2011 Ro-Sham ThrowdownPDFPrintE-mail
Wednesday, 27 July 2011 09:39
2011 Ro-Sham Throwdown: fun, fun, fun
Bill Parker has conquered the 2011 Ro-Sham Throwdown, in Hood River, Oregon, USA. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Some Photos from Jimmie Hepp at Kite Beach Maui

These Photos are courtesy of Jimmie Hepp, to see more of his great photos of Maui water sport action :

Nick Wilson

Ian Baldwin



Karen Lang

Karen Lang

Kato San

A fun day at Kite Beach , Maui. the wind was light, 15-20 ish, so no huge jumps , but still great for learning new tricks, I definitively had my share of crashes trying some new moves,( not gonna show you though, too embarassing) Lou was out throwing a frisbee to himself ( this is the latest rage here ... kite frisbee). Ian throwin' down some great unhooked moves , Nick got the highest jump, and Kato best jibe!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Interview with vice-world champion in kite-racing Adam Koch

We took the chance to interview last year's kitesurfing course racing world champion and this year's vice world champion Adam Koch. Adam is one of the pioneers of early kitesurfing. In 1998 a lot of Germans will remember his 13-second flight during the world cup at Fehmarn, and some years later he jumped of a aircraft carrier. In the last few years he concentrated on pushing the course racing discipline in kitesurfing. Adam rides Ozone Kites,Mike's Lab boards and Rista fins

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Free Maui Kiteboarding Lesson!!!!

Kiteboarding for Free. For a limited time only we are offering a free 1/2 hour intro lesson, check out kiteboarding, fly a trainer kite, learn a little theory. Call us at (808) 283 6519  before July 15th to book your free lesson or visit us for more info at : Maui Kiteboarding Lessons 

After your free no strings lesson, if you like, you can continue on with more lessons  at  our regular low prices

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Patri McLaughlin

Patri officially just got a wildcard to compete in the Kite Surfing World Wave Tour. We are all PSYCHED!!!!! He definitely deserves a spot in the contest. He is a CHARGER!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Nalu Wahine: SBC Kiteboard Magazine - Vote: Kristin Boese

Nalu Wahine: SBC Kiteboard Magazine - Vote: Kristin Boese:

Girls, vote for our girl ,Kristin!
Kristin Boese, 34 years of age, having competed in countless competitions since 2002, Kristin holds world championship titles in every discipline in kiteboarding, 9 in total. In 2010 she launched a non-profit foundation called KB4Girls to support female kiteboarders. Kristin is a driving force behind the surf oriented KSP World Tour . She has been nominated for the 2011 AWSI Kiteboarder of the year award
SBC Kiteboard Magazine - Vote: Kristin Boese

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kiteboarding in for 2010 Rio de Janeiro Olympics

The sailing federation is  bringing more events on board to appeal to younger viewers and athletes. For the first time, kiteboarding will become an Olympic event in 2016. There will be separate competitions for men and women in this increasingly popular race event.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The History of Kiteboarding on Maui

Found this old article on the internet, 2002
The Kite Story On Maui
August 19, 2002

Add it like this

"This is the proving ground, if you can do it here you can do it anywhere in the world!" This voice is Joe Cool and he is telling Flash Austin about the importance of being able to kitesurf at Ho'okipa. Flash had met his mentor; a chance meeting that would change the course of his life. Flash immediately began what he calls "his daily ritual launches at Ho'okipa." In the process, Flash became the first hard-core, full-time, dedicated kitesurfer on Maui. The history of the kite story on Maui is filled with similar stories that involve a select group of athletes. In short, they seized an opportunity to create their own game and pulled it off. The game works on all levels check out the pictures and quotes that follow.

"If that's the way it is remembered, so be it, that's the way it was." This voice is Don Montague and he is responding to my concern that he is given the credit he deserves. Montague continues, "the main thing is that we are back to the grass roots. Just like the old days in windsurfing, everyone gets together to go kitesurfing. We are helping each other to get better and we are helping each other to grow the sport." Such is the spirit that characterizes kitesurfing and hopefully this article. Someday the history of kitesurfing will be written. "History," said Lord Chesterfield, "is only a confused heap of facts." Let's avoid the confusion of who did what when, this story about the spirit and the athletes that made kitesurfing a reality.

The Proving Ground
In the 1994 Cory Roeseler came to Maui as part of a Kiteski promotional tour. Roeseler, a fixture at the Gorge in Hood River, Oregon, is well known for sailing with his mini-winged hand glider-like kite and water skis. When he sailed out at Ho'okipa on this rig he drew more than one skeptical look. As Waltze points out, "at first we thought he was kidding and then we noticed that he was staying up wind and going as fast as the rest of us. It was Laird who saw the potential, he was determined to find a kite that would work for us." In 1995 Hamilton bought a rig from Roeseler and much to their dismay, he and Waltze quickly destroyed it. Then they moved on to a variety of "parapont kites." Working as a team, one man would launch the kite and sail downwind and the other would follow in the boat. Thousands of hours and many humorous stories later, Waltze and Hamilton established that a kite was capable of pulling them down wind on a surfboard. Then a breakthrough occurred. Armed with a kite that floated, Manu Bertin clearly demonstrated the future of the sport. Bertin had gone to France to get a Wipika kite from Bruno Legaignoux. The inflated frame of the Wipika along with its shape made it possible for one person to re-launch the kite. Kitesurfing could now be done solo and the shape of the kite made it possible to sail the kite up wind. The next breakthrough occurred as Joe Cool convinced Wipika to distribute their kites on Maui. The availability of the kites made kitesurfing a viable option for a select group of athletes who were poised and ready to take kitesurfing to the next level. Cool provided the vision and the direction that helped the kite community get started. Together, Joe Cool and Mike Waltze organized the first Open Kitesurf Event at Ho'okipa and the rest will be history. Kitesurfing, like windsurfing in the early 80's is in a stage of rapid growth. Each day brings new awareness about the future, new levels of performance and fun and new energy to maintain the momentum.

Joe Cool and Laird Hamilton speak to the future

Joe Cool
"I've been fascinated, perhaps obsessed with kites since 1983. I started flying a 16-foot flexi-foil around that time, ever since that experience, I've seen kites as the next step in the evolution of windsurfing and sailing. Right now I'm focused on adapting kites to sail boats. David Kalama, Ka'a McKenney and myself are working on using a 13 square meter kite to power David's 30 foot sailing canoe. The next step will be to use a 20 square meter kite on a much lighter boat. Kites are the future for speed in sailing and I'm stoked to be involved in making it happen."
Note: Ka'a McKeney, a member of the Polynesian Voyaging Society... "I am always asked whether I think the (ancient) Hawaiians used kites on the ocean. I wouldn't be in the least surprised sighting the Legend of Ka Lupe o Kawelo (The kite of Kawelo)."

Laird Hamilton
"I was first exposed to kitesurfing in 1985 at a Water Sports Exposition in France. A guy was attempting to water ski using a kite-like apparatus. He was having a really rough go but it was easy to see the potential. Then Cory Roeseler came to Maui and the time was right. I was burned out with windsurfing, extremely ready for a new challenge. When I saw Cory that day at Ho'okipa I knew we could find a kite that would work for us. Experimenting with a parapont in my yard, I had a few close calls with the electrical wires before I decided that this had to be a water sport. Then we started doing the coast runs with paraponts waiting for the right kite to materialize. When Manu Bertin showed up with his floating kite we knew that the sport was about to happen. Now that the sport of kitesurfing is here… I'm excited to part of the fun. Kitesurfing is a natural progression of windsurfing. I like the fact that the sport is so open, windsurfers, and wakeboarders, gymnaststics¦ everyone has a shot at taking this sport to the next level. We will all benefit in the end, we will have a sport where you can literally haul ass. For me, I want to help establish the speed records for kitesurfing and sail around the world in a kiteboat. There are no limits to what we can accomplish in this sport."

Don Montague speaks to design

"The passion to fly, I dream about being able to fly from Ho'okipa down to Mama's Fish House (a distance of about 1000 yards). Don't laugh, being able travel that far in the air is only a few years away. As a designer, I have a computer program that allows me to change the shape of the kite in foil, aspect ratio and outline that allows us to make kites more efficient. Just as windsurfing sails have become more efficient for speed and power and maneuverability we will be able to do the same thing with kites. For me, I love the challenges related to kitesurfing; the challenge of learning to sail the fastest, win the race, jump the highest and make the best kite. I am driven to compete. Kitesurfing is still in its infancy and it will change a lot. I am here totally involved in the changes and I will be here to chase all these changes around. And now that Windsurfing and Kitesurfing are in my dreams there is no time to cut the lawn."

Mike Waltze and Rush Randle speak to the performance and the fun

Mike Waltze
"My first exposure to a kite was a sneak preview of the fun we were about to have. I went with Laird to the beach at Spreklesville to watch him fly his parapont. Laird urged me to give it a try and as I took over the bar he cautioned me: DO NOT TO LET THE KITE GO IN THE WATER OR LET GO OF THE KITE. Sure enough the first thing the kite did was start to dip into the water, as Laird showed me how to steer the kite back up a gust of wind hit the kite and took me 30 feet into the air. Wow! I remember thinking¦ this is some fun sport¦ now how am I going to get down? Well I passed that test and Laird asked me to join him for some real fun. Some of the fun came in the form of hairy adventures but we persevered and I'm stoked that we did. Kite surfing is my main non-wave activity. I'm addicted to the rush. I love the speed, the height and the freedom of the 3rd dimension. The feeling of being able to float and fly has driven me to excel at kitesurfing. Longboarding is there when I just want to relax and have fun. Shortboarding is there when I travel to Fiji. Jaws and big wave surfing is at the top of the list, but that only happens maybe a dozen days out of the year and windsurfing is still fun when it is really good."

Rush Randle
"At this point in my career I am focused on windsurfing, surfing and kitesurfing. When there are waves, I windsurf and surf. When there is just wind, I kitesurf. Kitesurfing is what windsurfing was for me 15 years ago. The sport is so new; it challenges me in a way that is both interesting and exciting. Kitesurfing is like skydiving from the ground up. I've done my share of tricks, the hele-spins and flips; right now I'm into getting massive air. I like to jump about 50' in the air and travel as far as possible, sometimes over 100yds. Kitesurfing satisfies my need to get maximum airtime. Our motto is to get 5000 vertical feet of air a day."

Flash Austin and Lou Wainman represent the new energy

Flash Austin
Presently on tour in some exotic country, out of touch with his friends but totally in touch with the sport he loves. This former professional skim boarder adapted a traction kite to a skim board and terrorized the shore break up and down the coast of Florida. Moving out into the surf he quickly realized the future and headed to Maui. Once on Maui he made the switch to a directional board and instantly made his mark on the sport.
"A contest was held and I just barely clenched 1st place. As I was holding the victory cup over my head with the distant roar of jets landing in Kahului, it was precisely the minute, to exactly the day, of my arrival one year ago. Since that fateful day I have been traveling, competing, teaching, and promoting the sport of kitesurfing on a world basis. It seems to be my fate, it is definitely my passion, and it may even be my life work. So if you ask me to write a press release, what can I say, but that simply, I love the sport, the feeling of flying one of these very powerful kites is impressive alone, but to surf at the same time, is a feeling that is almost indescribable. Then when you ride that wave, or catch that BIG air just right, well it is beyond¦ it is beyond the moment¦ it touches the face of the¦infinite, if you will. When I die, it is not what I have that will count, but it is what I have done, the experience, that I have acquired, that I will take with me. So I say to you, no I plead you, everyone of you to go out, and try it, who knows it may just change your life!"

Lou Wainman
"My focus is on adapting the wake board and wake board style to kitesurfing. I use a stock wake board with bindings. The only drawback is that in wake boarding when I make a mistake I can let go of the bar and have the boat pick me up and start all over. In kitesurfing, I have to hold on to the bar, which slows down the learning process. At first I had trouble adapting to having a smaller margin of error on the kite. But now¦ I'm totally stoked. As a kid growing up in Orlando Florida I dreamed of being able to windsurf with the best guys in the world. All I wanted to do was be in the water, have fun and rip at what I love to do. A few years ago I had a major decision to make. Go on the professional wake boarding tour or come to Maui and windsurf. I saw a picture of Laird in WINDTACKS Magazine on a kite and I decided right then that kitesurfing was for me. I came to Maui, struggled at first but now I've made it and I'm living my dream. I will take this sport as far as I can."

Anne Pigon and Julie Prochaska represent the woman

Anne Pigon
"I came to Maui in September. I have been kitesurfing for a year and a half. I learned in France from my boyfriend Laurent Ness. He pioneered the sport in France, he has the biggest kitesurfshop and kitesurf school in Europe. I love being associated with this new sport. I love the feeling of being able to travel so easy on such a small board, and to be able to jump in flat water and light wind. My focus right now is on jumping and learning to ride the waves. My desire is train all over the World and stay at the top in terms of my performance. I want to kitesurf in small waves and then push my limits in bigger and bigger waves. I'm very excited to be here on Maui. It's like a dream, I feel blessed. I'm only 19, a team rider for Naish kites, sponsored by Axel'air Kitesurfshop and Stonkerboard, and… I'm here for two and half more months. I'm so stoked; I don't want this time to end. As we say on Maui, ride on!"

Julie Prochaska
"I came to Maui in January with one goal in mind, I wanted to sail faster. Competing on the World Cup Racing Tour has been my main focus. I had absolutely no interest in kitesurfing; in fact I only tried it to make my boyfriend Chris happy. Wow¦I'm glad I did¦ kitesurfing is now my number one activity. In one year I have grown to love this sport more than windsurfing, a fact I never would have believed. I am totally stoked; my drive to excel is a pure-passion for the speed, power and fun of kitesurfing."

Pete Cabrinha and Robby Naish speak for the profession

Pete and Robby have been competing against each other since littlest of little kid days. Loyal friends and fierce competitors, these two icons from the windsurfing world went head to head in the King of the Air Kitesurf Event at Ho'okipa last October. This event showed the world just how far the sport has come. Pete and Robby demonstrated along with a host of other really talented athletes the cutting edge of what is possible for speed, air and wave riding with kites.

Pete Cabrinha
"It's hard for me to express the passion I have for kitesurfing in a sound bite but here goes... There is this switch in the back of my mind that works like a motion detector. It comes on at the earliest signs of something moving in front of my path. The switch makes me stop what I'm doing for a second and take a good look at what's going on. The switch came on a long time ago for kitesurfing; it was at the World Cup in LaTorche, France in 1986. I was waiting for the wind to come up. Windsurfers were standing still on their race boards with 7 square meter sails. This guy on a kite with water skis takes off from the beach and goes flying past the sailors; he headed around the point never to be seen again. That was the first hint of what was coming. In 1986, I was completely focused on windsurfing as there were new developments around every corner. I started seeing the kites again in Maui a couple of years ago and that's when the switch came on like a 'freakin' burglar alarm. It was then that I decided to give it a try. Kitesurfing is absolutely the most fun sport to come along in a long time and I love it. It's equal parts windsurfing, wakeboarding, and surfing with the added bonus of RIDICULOUS hang time. Kitesurfing is a great spectacle so it is easy to see why people are interested in finding a workable format for competition. Since it doesn't take too much wind to perform decent maneuvers, and because you can get a huge amount of air even on flat water, the professional potential of the sport is huge. I'm sure in time there will be more events that will eventually lead to some kind of tour. That's a given. But I'd like to see things move slowly to give the sport time to work out the kinks. The future of kitesurfing looks good, but it's too much fun not to enjoy in the present. I've been competing in kitesurfing lately in Maui, Morocco and Switzerland as a way to help nurture the sport along but competition is not my ultimate plan for this sport."

Robby Naish
"For years I have been involved in windsurfing, surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, wakeboarding, etc. Kitesurfing is great fun and simply another excuse for me to be on the water. I enjoy the technical side of developing kites and boards, but the real fun for me is in the doing. In the beginning of the sport I was not so interested in getting involved. I did a coast run or two and the rewards did not match up with the time and effort invested as it was always a one-way ride. However, around the end of last year my sail designer Don Montague, who has long been sold on kites pushed me to see and feel the potential. Naish Sails Hawaii has since become heavily involved in the production of kites and boards. We are committed to being a driving force in the evolution of this new sport, and our team riders Pete Cabrinha; Flash Austin, Anne Pigon, others and myself are pushing the limits of what is possible. I'm stoked!"

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Toast, Trying out the Airush Lithium 8m

Trying out the Airush Lithium 8m on a windy winter day here on Maui. The shadowbox recorded 72 feet on the first jump and 67 on the second jump.

Trying out the Airush Lithium 8m from MauiToast on Vimeo.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Girls Only Butterfly Effect Maui Kiteboarding Lessons Week

Butterfly Effect Aloha Waterwomen and Maui Kiteboarding Lessons present an all girls, all week, fun 
Maui Kiteboarding Lesson Week
Aloha Waterwomen Vacation (KITESURF) $2,199

The Aloha Waterwomen Clinic taught by Shawna Cropas (of the Aloha Maui Windsurfing Clinics) and Tatiana Howard (of the Butterfly Effect) has teamed up with professional kitesurf instructor, Karen Lang, to create a unique women’s only instructional event the week prior to the Maui Butterfly Effect.

The combination of this team of gifted coaches will promote an exchange of knowledge and love for water sports and ocean living through instruction and participation.

This special holiday package includes 7 nights shared lodging with your own bed within a private home on the Northshore, use of all kitesurf gear during instructional time and 7-day kiteboard rental Vela Maui, fun full days with kitesurf coaching in both group and personalized sessions, plus happy hour events and evening entertainment with your hosts and guides on Maui. In addition, we'll provide access to transportation with a shared vans to explore the island during the week.

Aloha Waterwomen (CLINIC ONLY - KITESURF) $1,199

Clinic-only includes use of all kitesurf gear during instructional time and 7-day kiteboard rental Vela Maui, fun full days with kitesurf coaching in both group and personalized sessions, plus happy hour events and evening entertainment with your hosts and guides on Maui.

For more info or to sign up please see: Vela Ladies Kitesurf Page 
or call Karen 808 283 6519

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Flash at Jaws

Flash Austin Photo Olaf Mitchell
We ran across Flash Austin in Paia the other day. He was limping as he crossed the street. Olaf said, "Hey Flash, Did you get hurt at Jaws the other day?" He said  "No, I stepped on a sea urchin at Lanes and it went completely through my bootie, and man it hurts!" I said " Well, I hope it gets better soon and by the way congratulations on your session at Jaws!"
Here's a couple of images that Jimmie Hepp shot of Flash's session Peahi.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Big Waves and Wind for Maui

Whoohoo!!! Big Waves and Wind, the beach has been closed since the tsunami, I hope it's open today~

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Maui Ocean Sports Magazine: Kite Beach Crew Maui Tsunami Cleanup

Maui Ocean Sports Magazine: Kite Beach Crew Maui Tsunami Cleanup:  The Maui Kiteboarding Community came out in full yesterday for a long day of  removing rocks and debris from the ..."

I didn't post this article here because I already posted it on Maui Ocean Sports Magazine, go on over there to check it out." Here are a couple more photos from the days effort.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2011 US Open Snowkite Masters

The Positive energy and Freeride vibe that emerged at this years Snowkite Masters reminded me of exactly why we gather together to celebrate Snowkiting. It was an amazing feeling to be surrounded by so many quality people, all sharing in the alpine kiting experience. The participants at this winters SKM brought out a higher level of riding than ever before witnessed, charging hard in every way. I was impressed constantly by the advanced level exhibited, with so many Snowkiters climbing terrain, flying high, busting sick moves and exploring more of the mountain than ever before. Here’s to you Mountain Kiters!!! Thank you to everyone that attended the Snowkite Masters, and to all of the brands that supported the event in so many ways, the event is nothing without you. Full Story

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kitesurfers will attempt Guinness World Record

World kitesurfers have been called for a challenging record attempt. "Kitesurfers United Maui 2012" will be trying to set a Guinness World Record. The idea is simple.
Maui is an ideal kitesurfing spot with steady winds, calm water and warm temperatures. The organization is aiming to setup the largest kiteboarding event ever held, in order to assist the IKA's Olympic commission in their effort to get Kitesurfing into the Olympics.
The initial plan is to cross over to neighbouring island (Molokai, Oahu), but this will be finalized in December when registration closes. Other options include: going into the open ocean with each and every kiter to circle a large ship or vessel, possibly a marine or navy ship.
"Kitesurfers United Maui 2012" will attempt the following Guinness World Records: largest kitesurfing event ever held, largest group of kiters out on the open ocean, most people attempting a kite-crossing and most kiters riding together in one spot.
The organization wants to gather 2000 or more participants for setting these world records, in April or May 2012. There will be satellite imagery, international news coverage, professional photographers and video productions. All participants might get access to flights discounts.
Stay tuned for more details with

Here's some comments from facebook friends:

    • hmmm....
      Tuesday at 8:01pmm

    • I don't know if I like this
      Tuesday at 8:04pm

    • Who's brainchild is this?
      Tuesday at 8:22pm ·

    •  do we have enough people to beat Tarifa?
      Tuesday at 8:27pm ·

    • Tarifia is a good analogy
      Tuesday at 8:29pm ·

    • too many humans
      Tuesday at 9:07pm ·

    • And only $519 if I register early?
      Tuesday at 11:00pm

    • hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who is trying to pull this off????? all I would say to them in good freaking luck!
      Yesterday at 12:47am ·

    • I'm so baffled, what a waste, why dont they spend those money better, instead organizing this guinness thing (who gives a f$#k about how many kiters can kite at the same time?!?) organize a wave event at hookipa that would bring a better image to the sport rather than a mess of 2000 kites wrap into each other lines and a bounch of kooks invading our island...
      Yesterday at 1:34am ··

    • Bad idea.
      Yesterday at 4:02am ·

    • Sounds pretty frickin cool to me! I (not a kook) want to come and participate. The only stipulation is that you must join the Maui Kitesurf Assc. for $25 and sign the waiver to ensure that kiteboarding is not banned from the harbor to Ho'okipa. That way everyone wins! I also want to see kite racing in the Olympics Brasil 2016...
      Yesterday at 4:19am

    •  This sounds like a good time to go disc golf
      Yesterday at 4:59am

    • ‎...I'll be watching from the side-lines
      Yesterday at 6:28am ·

    • I'm sure half that show up are kooks and will need lessons so I will be working doubles the whole event.
      Yesterday at 7:56am ·

    • hahaha & Set the Guiness record for the longest self rescue
      Yesterday at 8:39am ·

    • Ha Jason, most self rescues and most kites in trees
      Yesterday at 8:55am ·

    • you do realize this event would be like the MaiTai event on crack...
      Yesterday at 8:56am ·

    • ewwwwwwww
      23 hours ago ·

    • Maui Kitesurf Association will have enough money to buy The Spyglass Hose
      21 hours ago · · .

    • I'm embarrassed by this!
      20 hours ago

    • I saw the video and got real scared...can you imagine yelling sheet out to 2000 tourist kiters...and how many kites would end up in trees...wait...who posted I get it!!?!!
      14 hours ago ·

    • shes going to need to teach me and rick how to do kite repair so she can keep up with demand...
      14 hours ago

    • I wonder what they gonna do with that million dollar?!?
      If you can really pull that sh!t up you're the man!

      13 hours ago ·

    • Ha.I am really insulted by your remark and I demand a retraction!
      13 hours ago

    • Oh,excuse me Alessio, I was talking to Rick
      13 hours ago

    • ‎ it april fools day already?
      12 hours ago

    • just checked out the site... who are those people? I really don't think the plan is a good one at all. The conditions in the channel can be crazy that time of year. That time of year also sucks for wind conditions. I was out riding the day they shot those pics on the beach and the kiters pictured couldn't even stay upwind. I hope this is a joke
      11 hours ago

      this is just funny, there is absolutely not a chance of this happening.... at least on the track that it is on they are just wasting their time.....
      cool idea.......some euro kooks trying to organize 2000 kiter on maui... hahahahahaha.... r...ight!

      10 hours ago ·

    • I would love to see what would happen when 2000 kites go in to land on molokai..... I am sure the locals would love it!!!!
      10 hours ago

      I just signed up got the t-shirt: "I just did cross over to neighboring island (Molokai, Oahu)to:Gain international recognition, understanding, awareness and respect for our sport,
      attempt to set a Guinness World Record & assist the IKA's O...lympic commission in their effort to get Kitesurfing into the Olympics 2016 and all I got was this lousy t-shirt" Aw Damn:(See More

      9 hours ago ·

      Dude did you guys see on the web site who the event organizers are???
      4 little kids and two other pple I never seen before?!?
      And no names?!?!
      and they expect pple pay $520 one year+ in advance?!?!?!?!?
      Is this a SCAM???????????????????
      ...And yeah imagine the people in Molokai when they see a bounch of white people invading their Island, they gonna be so happy...I wont be surprised if someone gets shot! seriously...See More

      9 hours ago

    • At first I thought that this was the most STUPID IDEA that I had ever heard of. However the more I think about it I realize the potential for generating comradely between the water sports so I am considering inviting 3000 windsurfers to launch at exactly the same time and place, thus setting a worlds record for the biggest cluster f..k in history water sports!
      about an hour ago

    • Whoa, Olaf , what a great idea! Maybe the kiteboarders can circle the windsurfers!!!
      about an hour ago ·

    • Karen with all due respect I feel that the windsurfers should circle the kiteboarders.After all it's MY IDEA!
      about an hour ago ·